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  • Girls Night In
    Each month thestylishchiro hosts a night in. Think childhood sleepover vibe with your girlfriends but instead of reading the centre-fold of Dolly and talking about your latest crush we dive deep into all things nourishing for women.

    Some up-coming nights will include:
    Movement and Mindfulness
    Pamper and Power-up

    Make sure to check our facebook page or insta stories @thestylishchiro for updates!

  • Full Moon circles
    Held monthly at the full moon (or as close as possible) these circles provide a consistent space for those of you looking for deeper connection to self and to those around you. We allow space for nuanced discussion in a supportive environment with a focus on self reflection and open communication. Bring your most open self and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Collabs
    In line with our core values at thestylishchiro we want to bring relevent and inspiring content into your lives which of course involves sharing amazing women with you! We aim to team-up with the sparkliest and most innovative women in their fields to share their passions and build a bright and beautiful community of like-minded women.

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