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Conscious Consumption

We live in a time where so much of what we consume is out of our hands, be it through advertising or the shares on your facebook feed. At thestylishchiro we wanted to take the time to share all things from podacsts, books, stores, playlists, influencers and magazines that we enjoy. None of this is sponsored content, but simply content that we feel has been created lovingly with good intentions. Where possible we have added links to take you directly to the site involved. We hope you enjoy the selection and if you have any recommendations for us please slide into our DM’s on instagram @thestyishchiro or on our facebook page. Happy consuming!


Here are some of our favourite podcasts to listen to. They are a mixed bag of pop culture, health + wellness, women’s health, fun and all things in between:

  • Shameless
  • Under the skin with Russell Brand
  • Emsolation with Em Rusciano
  • ListenAble with Dylan Alcott
  • Better than Yesterday with Osher Gunsberg
  • Bobo and Flex
  • Wilosophy with Wil Anderson


Sustainable + Local retailers

  • Conscious Culture Co
  • Nourished Life


  • Frankie Magazine
  • The Smith Journal


Alright, so whilst this list isn’t strictly ‘influencers’ per sé, it IS a list of some bomb dot com people on instagram who are a mix of real/entertaining/smart/sassy and all round legends in our eyes.

  • Ashleigh Jade Howell
  • Em Rusciano
  • Flex Mami
  • Jameela Jamil
  • Veronica Milson
  • Dylan Alcott
  • Abbie Chatfield
  • The Betoota Advocate
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