Is there such a thing as ‘being ready’ for anything?

How often have you heard or said, “I’m just not ready for x, y, z right now”? I know I’ve said and heard this phrase more times than I can count, in relation to an innumerous amount of circumstances and choices. Recently, I was having a conversation with someone about an unplanned pregnancy they foundContinue reading “Is there such a thing as ‘being ready’ for anything?”

Hi, I’m new here.

Well hello! Welcome to thestylishchiro, a place where the modern woman can find whatever she is looking for. So, why ‘The Stylish Chiro’? I believe your style is your personal canvas to show the world everything you’re made of. I’m not just talking about how you look. The clothes you wear reflect the decisions youContinue reading “Hi, I’m new here.”